La La Land broke my heart

February 20, 2017
La La Land Broke My Heart | The Curious Element

After seeing La La Land last year, I went straight home, lay on my bed, and stared up at my ceiling as I tried to come to terms with what I had just seen and all of the emotions I was feeling because of it. I felt raw, vulnerable, and I couldn’t stop tearing up as I thought about the movie, recalling certain scenes and songs. La La Land broke my heart. I grabbed my phone and put that in…

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Good Things Can Happen Under Bad Leaders | The Curious Element

Good things can happen under bad leaders

February 12, 2017

At the Human Rights Campaign’s gala last Saturday night, Meryl StreepĀ gave an inspiring speech about activism and LGBTQ and called out Donald Trump’s habit of tweeting before thinking. She said this of the current political situation…