Chicago by the Canberra Philharmonic Society and the Importance of Local Theatre

30 March 2017
Canberra Philharmonic Society Chicago

Before seeing the Canberra Philharmonic Society‘s (the Philo) production of Chicago, I was given a tour backstage and the opportunity to chat with some of the cast and crew. During this tour, I was struck by the community dynamic between everyone involved – how comfortable they were together, their dedication to the show, and the fact that they were committing their free time and any leftover energy they had after work, school, and other life commitments for free. No one…

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How to behave in a museum

13 March 2017

I recently attend an exhibition at the National Library of Australia called The Sell: Australian Advertising 1790s to 1990s. I noticed the way that the people in the exhibition behaved and how it affected my experience and…

The Curious Element International Women's Day All About Women Satellite

International Women’s Day

8 March 2017

International Women’s Day (IWD) is a chance to celebrate you and the women in your life and reflect on what you can do to help support women’s rights. I asked 10 women to answer 5 questions…

Asghar Farhadi

10 things you should know about Asghar Farhadi

26 February 2017

Asghar Farhadi is a filmmaker and director. His latest film, The Salesman, is nominated for an Oscar in today’s Academy Awards. These are 10 things that you should know about him. 1. Farhadi’s movie, A Separation, won…

La La Land Broke My Heart | The Curious Element

La La Land broke my heart

20 February 2017

After seeing La La Land last year, I went straight home, lay on my bed, and stared up at my ceiling as I tried to come to terms with what I had just seen and all…

Good Things Can Happen Under Bad Leaders | The Curious Element

Good things can happen under bad leaders

12 February 2017

At the Human Rights Campaign’s gala last Saturday night, Meryl Streep gave an inspiring speech about activism and LGBTQ and called out Donald Trump’s habit of tweeting before thinking. She said this of the current political situation…