What is The Curious Element?

The Curious Element explores all things arts and culture through creative writing, essays, reviews, interviews, and more. It’s a place to discover new things, immerse yourself, and get involved.

Why arts and culture?

The world as we know it wouldn’t exist without arts and culture. When you travel to a new place, try a new food, meet someone new, see a new show, or a different production of an existing show, hear a new band, read a new book, you are immersing yourself in arts and culture.

Arts and culture allows you to learn about yourself and the world around you, examine things that are different to what you know, question anything and everything, and challenge yourself – mentally, physically, and spiritually. Without arts and culture, life would be bland.

So take a look around. If you like something, share it. If you want to get involved, contact me or see what opportunities are available. If you have any suggestions, let me know.

This blog is run by me, Jacqueline, and a lot of the content you’ll find here is my own. However, arts and culture would be nothing without the participation of many people to give multiple points of view. Plus, I’m an advocate for creativity and am always keen to encourage people to make art in whichever form they choose.

Right now, I’m running a series called ‘Curious about…’. Click here to find out more about the series and how you can get involved. The first in the series is ‘Vincent Van Gogh’, a timely choice with the new animated movie, Loving Vincent, inspiring artists to be influenced by other artists to find a new way to tell a story.

So sit back, have a look around, and immerse yourself in creative content. Would you like to get in touch? Email me at hello@thecuriouselement.com.

Jacqueline Abela – Founder & Writer