Vakseen: In conversation with an LA-based artist and music executive

2 September 2017
Vakseen The Curious Element Interview

Vakseen is an artist and a music executive. When I saw his art on Instagram, I was completely blown away and wanted to get to know the artist and how he came to be creating these incredible pieces. Tell me about yourself and your art. My artist’s name is Vakseen, my government is Otha Davis III. I’m a visual artist. I’m also a music producer, song writer, a music executive, and I manage talent. That’s really what encompasses my days…

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The Curious Element International Women's Day All About Women Satellite

International Women’s Day

8 March 2017

International Women’s Day (IWD) is a chance to celebrate you and the women in your life and reflect on what you can do to help support women’s rights. I asked 10 women to answer 5 questions…

Good Things Can Happen Under Bad Leaders | The Curious Element

Good things can happen under bad leaders

12 February 2017

At the Human Rights Campaign’s gala last Saturday night, Meryl Streep gave an inspiring speech about activism and LGBTQ and called out Donald Trump’s habit of tweeting before thinking. She said this of the current political situation…